Brooks Seniors Housing

There are four Villas in Brooks

  • Pioneer Villa 1
  • Pioneer Villa 2
  • Pioneer Villa 3
  • Pioneer Villa 4

There are 5 bachelor suites in Villa 1 that have a square footage of 427, all other units are one bedroom units and range in size from 485-559 square feet.

To be eligible to live in our seniors housing you must be over the age of 65 and have a medical clearance signed by your doctor. However occasionally exemptions are made for special circumstances and if there are chronic vacancies.

The cost to live in the seniors housing is based on income. 30% of a tenant's gross monthly income goes to rent. To a maximum of $780.00/ month. Gas and water is included in this price.


Other Seniors Housing

Newell Housing Association also operates the following:

  • 6 seniors self contained apartments in Rosemary, Alberta.
  • 6 seniors self contained apartments in Tilley, Alberta.
  • 4 seniors self contained apartments in Duchess, Alberta.

The cost to live in the apartments is based on income.

Community Housing

The Community Housing Program provides subsidized rental housing to low-income families, who cannot afford private sector accommodation. Applicants whose income falls below local income limits are eligible to apply.

We have 41 community houses in the City of Brooks
  • A tenant's rent, which includes heat, water and sewer expenses, is based on 30 percent of a household's adjusted income.
  • The tenant is responsible for electricity, telephone and cable television, as well as any additional services they may request (i.e. parking).